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The services we offer

3D Eau is an engineering consultancy specialized in the design, diagnostic and instrumentation of urban water infrastructure, more particularly sewer overflows, through the application of 3D modeling (originally used in aeronautics) to the field of water and environment. Our innovative methodology used to study specific hydraulic structures allows to fully understand the behavior of the fluid and visualize the way the fluid moves around hydraulic infrastructures.

Our experts in hydraulics and fluid mechanics can help you to:

  • elaborate the self-monitoring instrumentation of your complex sewer overflows
  • calibrate your Venturi flumes outside ISO regulations
  • ensure the reliablity and optimise the conception of your water retention tanks projects
  • carry out the diagnostic of your wastewater, stormwater or drinking water infrastructure
  • design an effective and low cost instrumentation of a network or a specific structure
  • address your questions on complex hydraulic problems