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Expertise of the Venturi flume of the watewater treatment plant of the town of Chablis (2014)

publié le 13 avr. 2015, 06:13 par 3D EAU Ingénieur   [ mis à jour : 14 août 2015, 00:10 ]
Expertise of the Venturi flume of the watewater treatment plant of the town of Chablis (2014)

The Venturi flume measuring the flow rate being treated at the Chablis wastewater treatment plant was modeled in 3D. This allowed to understand the non compliance of the flume observed by the Agence de l’Eau (Water Agency), without modifying the Venturi flume or carrying out any works. The flume was recalibrated thanks to the model so as to correct the water level/flow rate law. The new calibrated law has an uncertainty error of < 5%.