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Services and expertise

We are an engineering consultancy developing innovative solutions for the design / diagnosis / instrumentation of hydraulic infrastructure in urban water management and the water cycle in general.

Self-monitoring of sewer networks

The creation of measuring sites exposes expensive and fragile sensors to a hazardous environment. The positioning and analysis of these sensors is still today empirical and often ineffective and unreliable.

3D modeling allows to determine a more precise flow rate in a more simple way :
    • More precisethanks to the numerical development of height/flowrate calibration laws specific to the configuration of the infrastructure studied,
    • Affordable : by choosing no contact sensors, more simple but more reliable and less expensive,
    • More operational: by integrating uncertainties of the measurement, of the infrastructure and of hydraulic conditions. By reducing maintenance.

Diagnosis and design of infrastructure

The dimensioning of network infrastructures and the evaluation of flow rates inside those infrastructures are carried out, in the majority of cases, using empirical relationships, which are often not adapted to the diversity and complexity of the existing infrastructure.

3D modeling allows to better account for the complex geometry of the infrastructure with all its singularities. It allows to calculate at any point the physical values that are needed to operate the infrastructure effectively (height, velocity, pressure…)

3D EAU has a decennial responsibility related to civil works (Spinetta law).